Afra Willmore
Afra Willmore
October 23, 2018
One of the things diabetics often worry about is hypoglycemia - their blood sugar dropping dangerously low suddenly and unexpectedly without them noticing.

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Cardiovascular Diabetes Medication

What You Need to Know About Cardiovascular Diabetes Medications

Your doctor may add cardiovascular diabetes medication to your treatment plan as it may help to manage diabetes, blood sugar levels, and protect the heart.
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Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

Is It Possible to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

There's no shortage of posts and articles online about “curing” diabetes, but is there any truth to the rumor? Can diabetes be reversed?
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Type 2 Diabetes Research

A Roundup of the Latest Research and Findings on Type 2 Diabetes

The latest type 2 diabetes research findings focus on type 3 diabetes, insulin-producing cells, and some interesting diabetic statistics.
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Natural Ways to Treat Diabetes

6 Natural Remedies to Help Treat and Manage Diabetes

There are several natural ways to treat diabetes, including the plants you grow in your garden! Learn more about what herbs and veggies can treat diabetes.
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Diabetes Medications

Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Diabetic Medications

Metformin? Insulin? Glipizide? What are all these diabetes medications and why do you need them? Here's everything to know about diabetes medications.
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The pros and cons of using a diabetes pen

Looking at the Pros & Cons of Insulin Pens

Making the switch from using a syringe and vial to using a diabetes pen can be scary. If you're unsure, check out these pros and cons about insulin pens.
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Is Cinnamon Good for Diabetes?

Is Cinnamon Good for Diabetes?

It’s believed that the bark and the oil from the cinnamon tree have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunity-boosting properties.
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Diabetes Management

Maintaining Good Diabetes Management

There are many reasons why diabetics fail to maintain good diabetes management. Consider these tips for finding the willpower to keep up with treatment.
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Persistence with Diabetes Treatment

The Importance of Persistence With Diabetes Treatment

Maintaining persistence with diabetes treatment is no easy task; in fact, it's demanding and frustrating. Consider these tips for continuing on.
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Eye Problems with Diabetes Type 2

Sight Protection

These tips will help protect yourself from eye problems caused by Type 2 diabetes and maintain healthy vision throughout your life.
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