Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly
July 17, 2018
Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome (HHNS) is a serious medical condition caused by blood glucose levels that are dangerously high.

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Healthy Snacks for Diabetics

8 Healthy Snacks for Diabetics to Try Today

Going too long without eating can wreak havoc on blood glucose. Try these healthy snacks for diabetics next time you need a quick, nutritious fix.
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Summer Activities for Diabetics

12 Diabetic-Friendly Summer Activities Everyone Can Enjoy

Summer’s here, and it’s a glorious time to get outside and have a little fun. Here are 12 summer activities for diabetics,
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Diabetes and Gardening

The Health Benefits of Gardening for Diabetics

Gardening is fun, but when you make a direct impact on your health it makes it a lot more purposeful. Afra shares her tips on diabetes and gardening.
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[Recipe] The Best Diabetic Greek-Inspired Pizza You’ll Ever Eat

Being diabetic doesn't have to end your love of pizza. Indulge in this delicious diabetic-friendly Greek-inspired pizza with this recipe.
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interval training and diabetes

Everything You Need To Know About Interval Training And Diabetes

Interval training is a type of exercise that is beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes, benefits include metabolism improvement and insulin sensitivity.
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Diabetic Diet

The Diabetic Diet: What Can You Eat if You Have Diabetes?

The basics of a healthy diabetic diet is focused on keeping your diabetes under control by including fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and fiber.
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Yoga for Diabetes

Can Yoga Help Keep Blood Sugar Levels in Check?

Did you know that yoga can help improve your blood glucose levels? Learn more about yoga for diabetes, including the most helpful poses, here.
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Wine and Diabetes

Wine and Diabetes: Is a Drink Now and Then Okay?

If you enjoy a glass of wine every once in awhile, there is some information you should know about both wine and diabetes.
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Diabetic Shoes

What Type of Shoes Should Diabetics Consider?

When you have diabetes, foot care is important, and the shoes you wear is part of that. Learn more about choosing diabetic shoes here.
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Fruits for Diabetics

What Fruits Are Good and Bad for Diabetics?

The myth surrounding diabetics shouldn't eat fruit is untrue. There are plenty of fruits for diabetics to enjoy in their diet like apples, berries and more.
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