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3 Breakfast Mistakes to Avoid

Breakfast Mistakes

What do breakfast items like bagels, toast with jam, microwaveable oatmeal, granola, donuts, croissants, scones, muffins, and cereal all have in common? Other than the fact that they’re conveniently sized and packaged and taste scrum diddly umptious when warm, they are the makings of an all out carb fest where your name, my friend, is on the VIP invitation list. With all that going on who can blame you for making them your go-to breakfast option?...

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The Benefits of Fitness Trackers for Diabetics

The Benefits of Fitness Trackers for Diabetics

When it comes to disease management, fitness trackers for diabetics like apps and devices are some of the most helpful gadgets.
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Yoga for Diabetes

Yoga for Diabetes

Did you know that yoga can help improve your blood glucose levels? Learn more about yoga for diabetes, including the most helpful poses, here.
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How to Make Exercise Enjoyable

How to Make Exercise Enjoyable

"If you, like me, find the idea of using exercise to keep good control of your diabetes depressing – the key is to find something you enjoy."
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Diabetes and Exercise: Is Remission Possible

Diabetes and Exercise

Studies show a clear link between diabetes and exercise – many people able to reverse the condition by sticking to an exercise plan and eating well.
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Exercises for Seniors

Exercises for Seniors

Although many seniors have limitations that make exercise difficult, with the right approach, any diabetic senior can reap the rewards of physical activity.
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Health Coach for Type 2 Diabetes

Health Coach

A health coach can help you manage your diabetes or achieve additional health and fitness goals by developing customized programs to meet your needs.
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Exercising for Diabetics

Exercising for Diabetics

Exercise is an essential tool for keeping your blood glucose levels in check. It can burn extra glucose in the body that doesn’t get used.
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Type 2 Diabetes Workout

Type 2 Diabetes Workout

Talk to a doctor before starting any workout plan. Check your blood glucose levels regularly, as your doctor may change your diabetic medication.
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Jogging Tips for Diabetes

Jogging Tips

Type 2 diabetes isn't a prescription for inactivity; in fact, most patients can benefit enormously from daily cardiovascular exercise such as jogging.
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Exercise to Help Control Blood Sugar

Tips for exercising with diabetes.
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