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Smoking and Diabetes: The Dangerous Link Between Smoking and Type 2 Diabetes

Smoking and Diabetes

If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes you might be aware that your condition can have an impact on your likelihood of developing other health issues, some of which can be life-threatening. What you might not know is that even if you have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes, being a smoker puts you at a higher risk of developing the condition. More and more experts are becoming convinced that smoking is a risk factor...

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Can a Thin Person Get Type 2 Diabetes?

Can a Thin Person Get Type 2 Diabetes?

Many people develop type 2 diabetes without fitting the typical description, and that can have terrible consequences for the thinner diabetic.
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Diabetes and Sleep

Diabetes and Sleep

There is a concerning symptom that is not also talked about when it comes to being type 2 diabetic: insomnia.
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