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Smoking and Diabetes: The Dangerous Link Between Smoking and Type 2 Diabetes

Smoking and Diabetes

If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes you might be aware that your condition can have an impact on your likelihood of developing other health issues, some of which can be life-threatening. What you might not know is that even if you have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes, being a smoker puts you at a higher risk of developing the condition. More and more experts are becoming convinced that smoking is a risk factor...

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Diabetes Mood Swings

How Diabetes Causes Mood Swings (and What to Do About It)

Are diabetes mood swings real? Yes — not only can diabetes be responsible for mood changes, but it can take a toll on your emotions in general.
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Diabetes Headache

Is Your Diabetes a Pain in the… Head?

Diabetes itself can cause headaches, but there are also many other culprits. Let’s take a look at causes and treatments of diabetes headache.
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Diabetes and Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety and How It Connects to Diabetes

People with diabetes are 20 percent more likely to suffer with anxiety than those without diabetes. So, what's the link between diabetes and anxiety?
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Type 2 Diabetes and Pregnancy

Staying Healthy While Pregnant With Type 2 Diabetes

Managing diabetes is even more crucial during pregnancy then it is when you aren’t expecting. Learn what you can do to manage type 2 diabetes and pregnancy.
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Eating Home-Cooked Meals May Decrease Diabetes Risk

Eating Home-Cooked Meals May Decrease Diabetes Risk

If you often eat meals out, you may want to reconsider your dining choices, as home-cooked meals have been shown to decrease diabetes risk.
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What Is a Diabetic Coma

What Is a Diabetic Coma and How Can It Be Prevented?

Diabetic shock can lead to dangerous consequences, like diabetic coma. But what is a diabetic coma and what can be done to ensure you prevent it?
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Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes

Could Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes Become the Norm?

New guidelines recommend bariatric surgery for type 2 diabetes treatment, and propose it should become a standard treatment option for diabetics.
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Video Type 2 Diabetes Myths video

6 Myths About Type 2 Diabetes Busted

Millions of Americans have type 2 diabetes, and yet misinformation about the condition is widespread; we set the record straight.
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Diabetes and Insomnia

Is There a Link Between Diabetes and Insomnia?

A number of things can cause difficulty getting a good night's rest. If you're experiencing diabetes and insomnia, ensure you get to the bottom of it!
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Video Can a Thin Person Get Type 2 Diabetes

Can a Thin Person Get Type 2 Diabetes?

The idea that only the seriously overweight develop type 2 diabetes is a misconception — thinner people can still have dangerous metabolic issues.
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